Alyson's Familiar


Race: Devil
Gender: Female
Class: Sorcerer 10


Vanessa pretended to be a representative of House Cannith sent to Weissland to support Irthos Sjach. She claimed that the house had grown impatient with waiting for Irthos to report and discovered the barrier around Weissland. Someone made contact with Irthos via a sending spell and sent Vanessa to Weissland so she could send his reports back to them.

Vanessa herself is a vain and easily annoyed person who pretends to be polite. However, her displeasure at what she sees as a job that is unworthy of her is evident. She is excessively pale and likes dressing in frilly outfits. Her red eyes give the impression that she is something other than human. It turns out she actually wasn’t human. She was a devil and was the familiar of Alyson Laurente. Irthos and Zaradin discovered this fact after killing Vanessa and forcing Alyson to resummon her.


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