A Mysterious Wanderer


Class: Wizard 6, Swordsage 1, Ebon Phoenix Mage 7
(Ebon Phoenix Mage is Jade Phoenix Mage except all fire damage is replaced with darkness damage)
HP: 72


Sena is mysterious figure wandering Weissland. She hails from the town of Snowrain, which was destroyed around a year ago. Sena’s brother Solis was the only one who survived the town’s destruction and he believes that she is responsible for it. Snowrain had tradition of summoning familiar companions as a sort of coming of age ceremony. The identity of the a person’s familiar said a lot about them. Sena’s familiar was a lunar dragon that she named Lumios. Unfortunately, a lunar dragon was seen as a portent of ruin and many of the townsfolk shunned her.

As a result Sena doesn’t handle being around people very well and is extremely shy. She left Snowrain at a young age to travel the world with Lumios as her only companion. She had made her way back to Weissland before the undead invasion had begun. She had been exploring the Terovale Catacombs when she happened upon a mysterious chamber that contained a magical sword. Sena could tell that the sword was a form of Lost Technology. She named the blade Luminous Night and took it with her.

Now she believes that whoever destroyed Snowrain was really after the blade, as several mysterious individuals have attacked her after she found the sword. The truth behind Luminous Night and the mysterious chamber beneath Terovale may hide a secret far more dangerous than the appearance of the undead, and Sena seems to be caught in the middle of it.

Sena helped the party escape from the Terovale Catacombs after Byron Whitefange attempted to kill them. She traveled with the party to Sardale, and learned that Seira Ravencrest was the person that had been attacking her. Sena has thus far avoided confronting Seira after arriving in Sardale.

She is Sherry’s servant.


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