A Swordsage staying in Sardale


Race: Human
Gender: Female
Weapons: Mysterious Sword, +3 Shortsword, Combat Robe, Ribbon


Seira Ravencrest is a swordsage. She has been travelling the land, honing her technique and seeking new ones wherever she can find them. She is currently residing in Sardale after she crossed into Weissland a year ago. She had heard that her brother was stationed in Sardale and wanted to visit him while she was passing throught, but she found herself caught up in the war with the undead and was unable to find a way through the Weissland Barrier to continue her journey.

She is now assisting her brother and the Church of Pelor with the undead problem. She also claims to be searching for someone, a fugitive she has been tracking for some time, and one she intends to kill.

She is Seteria’s servant.


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