Inquisitor Hargreave

Head of the Church Inquisition


Race: Human
Gender: Male


Hargreave (real name unknown) is the head of the church inquisition in Weissland. To some he is the relic of a bygone age. The current church is no longer as concerned with purging the blasphemous as it is with spreading the good word. Most of the hierarchy dislikes the fact that the inquisition still exists, and rumours of its corruption and the brutality of its members are rampant.

Hargreave himself does little to dispel these rumours. He is an imposing humorless man who is quick to judge and is even quicker to accuse. However, with the Weissland church hierarchy in ruins, he is the highest ranking official that remains alive which means everyone else defaults to his authority.

He showed up at the Wraithwall Sluices shortly after the defeat of Mordred Grimsby.

Inquisitor Hargreave

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