Cedric Valionis

The until recently deceased heir to the Valionis Family


Race: Half-elf
Gender: Male


Cedric was the last surviving heir to the Valionis family. He had been in hiding since Cecilia Rainsworth is out for the blood of anyone related to the Sareth and Valionis families. After the undead were driven out of the Wraithwall Sluices, Cedric made his way their and joined the survivors in their quest to defeat Cecilia and bring peace to Weissland.

He is a proud noble man, a paladin by trade, and a talented fighter. He was not in Terovale when the undead attacked which is how he managed to survive. HE\e discovered that Cecilia was behind the betrayal from another survivor and that she was out for his blood.

He was murdered under mysterious circumstances in a closed room and the murderer is most likely still at large.

He isn’t dead in the second game.

Cedric Valionis

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