Cecilia Rainsworth

The Self-Proclaimed Vampire Princess of Weissland


Race: Vampire
Gender: Female
Weapons: Laevateinn
Armor: Elegant Gothic Dress +10 Cha/AC, Ribbon,


Cecilia is the only surviving direct descendant of the Rainsworth family. She was responsible for the family’s descent (or in her words ascension) into undeath. She invoked dark magics and perished by her own hand, rising again as a vampire. She used her newfound dark powers to drag her entire house as well as the surrounding nobles and several towns into undeath as well. They now serve her in death much as they did in life. The other two royal families of Weissland were more resilient but they fell in time to her growing army of darkness. As of now, she is the undisputed ruler of Weissland and the citizens who remain alive fear that they too will fall prey to her and her minions.

As a member of the magically inclined Rainsworth house; Cecilia is an extremely powerful mage. She was a masterful evoker in life, and retains her terrifying cosmic magic in death. Undeath has granted her a mastery of necromancy and illusion to compliment the rest of her spellcasting repetoire. She is also supported by a powerful group of servants known as The Inner Circle and is able to call upon its members with gateway magic.

The process by which she became a vampire also differs from the more traditional transformation methods. Rather than being bitten by a vampire or drinking the blood of one, Cecilia invoked an ancient spell, the one that had created the original vampires. It killed her and she rose as a vampire. As a result of this, she possesses all of the strengths of both a living mortal and an undead vampire, but lacks the weaknesses of both. Sunlight, running water, mirrors, holy symbols, and garlic do not affect her. She does not age and is immortal, she will not die of natural causes. Cecilia need not sleep during the day and does not have a coffin or unholy location she returns to if she is badly wounded. This is her only weakness. If she is slain she will not return to where she became a vampire and regenerate. She will simply die.

Cecilia Rainsworth

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