Alyson Laurente

An Incredibly Evil Witch


Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Class: Wizard 9/Initiate of the Sevenfold Veil 6
Alignment: Neutral Good
Hp: 90 (36 Wizard + 24 Initiate of the Sevenfold Veil + 30 Con)
AC: 37 (10 base + 2 dex + 4 Shield + 6 Greater Mage Armor + Ring of Armor + 5 + 6 Bulwark of Reality + 4 Mage Armor)
Base Attack Bonus: + 7 (+ 4 Wizard, + 3 IotSV)
Weapons: Enigma
Str: 10 (0)
Dex: 14 (+ 2)
Con: 14 (+ 2)
Int: 20 (+ 5)
Wis: 10 (0)
Cha: 14 (+ 2)

Fort: + 7 (+ 3 Wizard, + 2 IotSV , + 2 Con)
Reflex: + 7 (+ 3 Wizard, + 2 IotSV ,+ 2 Dex
Will: + 11 (+ 6 Wizard, + 5 IotSV ,+ 0 Wis)

Special Feats: Weapon Proficiency(Martial Weapons)
Feats: Scribe Scroll,

Spells Known (Per Day)
0 Level: All (9)
1st Level: 14 (9)
2nd Level: 9 (9)
3rd Level: 10 (9)
4th Level: 7
5th Level: 5
6th Level: 5
7th Level: 4

1st: Alibi, Beckon Person, Benign Transposition, Black Bag, Bulwark of Reality, Change Self, Charm Person, Comprehend Languages, Hold Portal, Hidden Ward, Identify, Mage Armor, Nerveskitter, Shield

2nd: Arcane Lock, Baleful Transposition, Delusions of Grandeur, Detect Thoughts, Glitterdust, Knock, Invisibility, Misrepresent Alignment, Mirror Image

3rd: Dispel Magic, Nondetection, Hold Person, Suggestion, Fly, Anticipate Teleportation, Arcane Sight, Clairvoyance, Blink,

4th: Crushing Despair, Dimension Door, Evard’s Black Tentacles, Greater Invisibility, Locate Creature, Know Vulnerabilities, Polymorph

5th: Feeblemind, Telepathic Bond, Teleport, Prying Eyes, Dominate Person

6th: Repulsion, Mass Suggestion, Cloak of Hate, Contingency, Overwhelm

7th: Mass Hold Person, Greater Ironguard, Kiss of Draconic Defiance


Alyson masqueraded as the younger sister Cecilia Rainsworth. She lied about leaving home shortly after Cecilia killed her parents in a fit of delusional paranoia. Alyson travels the land in search of Lost Technology. The discovery of numerous pieces of Lost Technology below Weissland brought her to the country.

She is a cruel sadistic person who delights in using her illusions and charms to manipulate people.

Synopsis: She first appeared at the Wraithwall Sluices and quickly asserted command of the situation. Nobody was really sure why everyone started listening to her. She enlisted the party’s help in searching for more lost technologies. The party was remarkably willing to take her words at face value.

She was actually an interloper from the Midgard Institute of Magical Science. She is infamous as the ‘demon of reasoning’ who has sent numerous innocents to their death. After Vela frustrated her with insane troll logic, Alyson attempted to kill the party with the assistance of the lost technology KSW – Despair. Unfortunately her low strength proved to be her downfall and she was forced to flee.

She was Alistar’s servant but ended up as Seteria’s at the end of the first game.

Alyson Laurente

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