Welcome to Weissland

This campaign will be a little more traditional than the last two I have run. A good old fashioned battle against the undead is the theme of this game.

Characters will begin at level 10. I feel this is the best level to start at. People can still do cool stuff but aren’t completely ridiculous yet.

Books will be limited to systems I know. These include:
The core books (Players Handbook, Dungeon Masters Guide, Monster Manual)
Any “sequels” to the core books (I.e Players Handbook II)
Any books in the Complete line (Complete Arcane, Complete Scoundrel, etc.)
Tome of Battle (because it’s awesome)

Specifically banned stuff:
Anything to do with psionics (because I have no idea how it all works and because it’s hipster magic)
Anything off the D&D wiki (because we’ve all seen how that works)

Races will be case by case.

I would very much prefer people avoid neutral on the good-evil axis. I won’t stop anyone from playing the alignment they want, but a mercenary, in it for the money character will likely not have as much fun in this campaign.

The primary enemy types of this campaign will be undead, humanoid, beast, and magical beast.

The campaign takes place in the country of Weissland which is crawling with undead. Your character recently crossed into Weissland. (why they did so is up to you) The campaign begins in the town of Sardale, a small town and one of the last bastions of the living in Weissland.

I would like back stories from all of the players. It doesn’t have to be long, but make it more than a job description. I don’t just want to know what you are, I’d like to know who you are. Why are you in Weissland? What do you make of all the undead? Why are you travelling? Are there any characters from your past who are important? (and who could become npcs) How did you meet the party? Are you related to other party members in some way? Stuff like that. The character page on this website is a great place to put your backstory and you can add an image and stats and everything. Best of all I can easily link to your characters in adventure journals, other character pages, and wiki pages.

Scarlet Dawn

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