Artin "Hill Toppler" Ungart

Dwarf Fighter


Braided Brown hair and beard
Dark Brown Eyes


Artin is a slayer. But not just any slayer, a Giant Slayer, and she is a DAMN good at it. So good in fact that she is well known by Dwarfs around the land. They call her “Hill Toppler”, for she has a reputation for efficiently killing Hill Giants. She takes great pride in her talent. Her goal in life is to keep killing giants (when she isn’t drinking men under the table) until the end of her days. She is so focused on the continuing to kill giants that she continues to travel around the country to find more giants. But with her constant drinking she mistakes stories she hears in bars for incidents with giants (even when clearly giants are NOT involved). This brings her to Sarland, hearing that are unable to leave and trade is down. She, of course, immediately thinks this is the work of giants. Despite her mistake she is still looking to spread her name as “Hill Toppler”, and with luck, make new names for herself. With this area being overrun by the undead, she is looking to take the title of “Bone Crusher”

Artin "Hill Toppler" Ungart

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