Scarlet Dawn

Episode IV-EX
Players III and IV

“Wow, I’m impressed. I didn’t realize you had such a vocal range. Have you ever considered acting?” Seteria said, clearly surprised at her sister’s ability to alter her voice. Sherry had just finished giving a disembodied message to one of the NPC’s and they had clearly not realized who they were actually talking to. Sherry just smiled as she placed a new piece on the board in the center, where nearly all of the other pieces were gathered. The board accepted the piece as a part of the narrative thanks to Sherry convincing a character that the new piece belonged there.

The two sisters had suspended their game for a week, but were now eagerly making the moves they had spent the week planning. The translucent blue images floating above the table in that mysterious white room shifted rapidly as the two sisters made their plays. A few new characters had appeared in their absence and they had added a few of their own pieces in when their game resumed.

“Ah, finally there are enough for my game format!” Sherry said rubbing her hands together in anticipation. “Let us begin then shall we?”

The two of them leapt up from their seats and dramatically pointed at each other. “I’ll go first!” Sherry shouted. “Cedric Valionis is murdered under mysterious circumstances while Alyson and the rest are absent.” Sherry proceeded to kick the table at her sister who leapt backward.

“Oh my, how like you to start with murder, ahahahaha!” Seteria laughed. A strange serrated blade appeared in her right hand and she used it to bisect the table as it flew at her. “Alright my turn!” She pointed her blade at Sherry and grinned maniacally. “Eh, I guess I just defer until someone finds the body.” Seteria shrugged as all the intensity in the room died without so much as a whimper. “Dunno what you expect me to do, my piece isn’t the investigative type.”

“Well now that was disappointing, I guess that means I’m up now.” Sherry and Seteria had been so intent on their own battle that they hadn’t bothered to acknowledge or introduce the two other people who were in the mysterious room that was so far removed from all other worlds. The one who had spoken was reclined on one of several comfortable chairs that surrounded the table, or rather where the table used to be. He looked to be in his late 20’s. He had black hair and blue eyes and an air of arrogance that would put many monarchs to shame. He was as well dressed as the sisters in black and blue clothing as well, indicating a common theme.

“Yeah, yeah assume the role of main character with Alyson and all that, get on with it Alistar” Seteria said having anticipated Alistar’s move.

“Well fine, at least the audience knows who I am now, I guess I’ll do just that. Alyson acquires the map of all existing lost tech in Weissland and destroys the records. She returns to the sluices and promptly discovers your murder. Then she invokes her detective’s authority to gain access to all clues and testimony present.” Alistar said nonchalantly. None of the others were terribly surprised. Alyson was one of Alister’s favorite servants and she was a strong piece in most game types. She had investigative abilities, enchantment and illusion magics, and several potent familiars. However, her big drawback was a clause prohibiting her from ever holding a position of authority in the game beyond a detective and, not written in the rules, was her insufferable personality.

“Right well, both my sister and Alistar are boring, I don’t suppose you have anything to add Tornos?” Sherry said as the game table rematerialized in the center of the room and she sat in one of the remaining armchairs surrounding it.

“I might have . . . a move or two . . . however my piece’s identity . . . has not been discovered yet . . . therefore . . . I need not announce my move.” Tornos said in his characteristically slow speech. He was the fourth and final player in this strange game. compared to the two sister who were of average build, and Alistar, who was borderline anemic, Tornos was a hulking figure. He was a good 4 feet taller than anyone else in the room and at least twice as broad. However, he was still as impeccably dressed in a long black jacket with glowing blue lines of magical energy running through it. While Alistar and the two sisters looked human, Tornos looked like some sort of draconic minotaur. He had what seemed to be a mane of glowing blue fire that extended down to his waist and dark fur. His angular reptilian face and glowing blue eyes disguised a patient cunning that was in sharp contrast to Seteria’s mania, Sherry’s cruelty, and Alistar’s malice.

“Well at least you aren’t boring, unlike some people.” Seteria said mockingly as she glared at Alistar. Her serrated sword had vanished and she took a seat in the last remaining arm chair which faced her sister Sherry across the game table.

“I’m not going to make sub par moves just because you’re easily bored.” Alistar retorted, “Besides, you know my strategy always plays for the end game when things are at their most exciting. Then I’ll start kicking tables at people, probably at you to be totally honest.”

“Ooo, so scary, anyway wasn’t it your turn, Sherry?” Seteria said, clearly unimpressed. “Looks like my piece has enlisted the help of one of the random factors during the Tornos and Alister’s turns, Good.”

“Technically all of the non piece characters have to do their moves now, oh my, looks like Alyson’s familiar was just killed by that assassin we had all discounted as being useless.” Sherry said as she perceived the death of Vanessa. Seteria started giggling uncontrollably and Alistar merely covered his face with his palm. “Dammit Seteria how did you manage to help the one competent random factor.”

“Ahaahaahaa, its because I’m just that incredible. Good job tin man. Keep dancing to my tune and making a mess of things.” Seteria said as she could barely control her laughter. “Looks like Alister’s worst enemy, the idiot hero, has shown up as part of our lovely random factor in this game.” Seteria managed to say in the midst of her cackling. Vella had just forced Alyson to respond to her idiotic reasoning and that was Alyson’s one weakness. This was a good development for Seteria. Alistar was already heavily disadvantaged by losing Vanessa to Seteria’s ploy. Seteria knew that if she could remove Alyson from the game for even a little while, she could get her side out its rut and on the offensive.

“And there goes Alyson losing her plot agency, her cover, and almost her life.” Alistar said while attempting to hide his displeasure as Alyson was forced to retreat inside the KSW – Despair. “Why, oh why can she not deal with the idiot hero archetype? Please excuse me I think she and I need to have a talk.” Alistar vanished in a huff.

“Normally I’d be mad, but watching his piece sob and plead for mercy is hilarious, anyway, since my piece still hasn’t been found out as the murderer, she is going to try her luck with a second one. Let’s try offing Cyrus this time.” Sherry said, “Success, I have to say I’m liking my choice, she seems quite reliable.”

“Boo, tin man managed to give Mathos authority instead of my piece. Good thing we have a serial murderer on the loose. I don’t think another church official catching a bad case of the dead will cause any more suspicion.” Seteria said with an unpleasant smile.

“Well now . . . exploiting a loophole . . . in the ‘cannot start with authority’ rule on your piece . . . clever.” Tornos said as he immediately understood Seteria’s plan. Seteria had an extremely powerful and competent piece in the game. However this piece could not start with authority and lacked the strength of character to assert command. Seteria had decided to get rid of all other viable choices and perhaps use a dying wish of the new leader to give her piece control of the living side.

“We’re on a roll here aren’t we Tornos? I can’t wait to see how Alistar and my sister try to come back from this loss.” Seteria responded as she eyed the empty seat that Alistar had previously occupied.

Unfortunate turn of events

Baron Cannith,

Once this log reaches you, I am sure you will already know what has been done. I am recording it in case anything were to go further astray. Vanessa has turned against the family and has started sharing House secrets, specifically on the Warforged, with other houses.

The individual she has shared the information with is known as Alyson Rainsworth, or Alyson Laurente (The Demon of Reasoning). She seems to have the ability to cloud the minds of other people to get her way, and Vanessa seems to be in league with her some how. It has even been suggested to me that she is not actually of our House.

She must be silenced. I will do my best to gather resources to make sure she shares nothing more.

She was silenced. At least for a time. It appears it will be more difficult than what I first guessed. She is actually the familiar of Alyson Laurente – who brought her back from oblivion.


Baron Cannith,

With your wisdom in sending Vanessa to relay communications, I may now make my report. My apologies for not finding a way to send it earlier.

House Rainsworth has descended into undeath, and killed the leaders of House Sareth and House Valionis. They have raised an army of the undead and are slowly taking over everything, with an unknown motive driving them. As you now know, there is also a magical barrier around the area which allows entry, but not exit. It appeared at around the same time as the fall of House Rainsworth, but it is unclear how they would have generated a barrier this large.

All trade coming into the area is therefore trapped, and is usually overrun by undead before reaching their destination.

I have received your new instructions through Vanessa and will proceed to have the barrier removed with the utmost expediency.

Irthos SJach

Episode III-EX

Somewhere else….

Two well dressed figures sat in a white room around a round table drinking tea. They were focused intently on the images above the table, which appeared to represent a game of some sort.

“Wait what was that last bit all about?” Seteria asked as the game board in front of them shifted to reflect the new states of the pieces. “Which part?” Sherry responded.

“I was with you up until the floor collapsed, and on top of that the walls of those mystery rooms are supposed to be unbreakable, why did the structure collapse and how did the arcanite ceiling break?” Seteria folded her arms and looked at the new board, confused.

“Satrivion’s 6th demands that a battle’s plot relevance be proportional to the amount of environmental damage caused, and you never asked if the ceiling was made of arcanite, so for all you know it wasn’t” Sherry said shrugging.

“I wasn’t aware that our big brother’s laws were a factor in this particular game, if they were you couldn’t have your proxy in the game as it is.” Seteria said tweaking the piece that represented Sherry’s proxy in the game.

“That piece doesn’t conflict with the laws.” Sherry said trying her best to seem offended.

“Satrivion’s 3rd, all characters must have some sort of flaw, perfect characters are forbidden from existing.” Seteria stated.

“Oh come on, she’s shy and doesn’t win every battle she’s in, she also has an inferiority complex.” Sherry said blushing at how blatant the wish fulfillment was

“Shyness just makes her cuter, and she’s won every battle involving NPC’s, the only ones she’s lost were to my proxy and that’s because you’re lousy at playing her.” Seteria said, grinning maliciously at her sister across the table.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, at least mine has a personality and wasn’t created just to fight.” Sherry countered as she dug through her bag of game pieces, seeking some die or figure.

“Alright alright, fair enough, but the last round didn’t involve either of them so this argument is pointless for now.” Seteria sighed, “See, this is why we need a gamemaster, and before you say we get someone to play one, no not going to happen, nobody we know understands the kinds of games we like to play through.”

“Well it looks like we’re done for awhile anyway.” Sherry had begun putting away the game board and the pieces.

“Awwwww, don’t rage quit sis, I’m sorry I metagamed a bit, I’ll play a different character next round, maybe some kind of maid ninja, yeah that’ll be fun.” Seteria pleaded. She didn’t think her sister would be so bothered, her current proxy hadn’t even been metagamed all that much, Seteria had just gotten really lucky. It was especially strange since they hadn’t actually made very many moves in the last round. The plot had left their proxies in the background for the time being.

“Apology accepted and that sounds fine, but thats not why we’re done for today” Sherry said trying not to laugh.


“I get to choose the format for the next round and their aren’t enough pieces in play for the game I want to play yet, I was going to make a few more while we leave the NPC’s to go meet more people for about a week. A couple of them wouldn’t be doing much for about that long anyway.”

“Ohhh, that makes much more sense. Do you mind if I add some more pieces too?” Seteria said.

“I don’t see why not, this next round will work better with more characters anyways. This board was a bit light to begin with, and although we have some good archetypes in play already, it never hurts to have more. Just try to keep the factions even yeah? Sherry said. “Oh and maybe do some more with your current piece, I get the feeling you don’t like playing her much.”

“Alright then, I’ll have some new pieces ready to go for next time and maybe I’ll change my current piece out for one of them!” Seteria said giving a fake salute to her sister. “Wait, what if the NPC’s do a bunch of stuff to the plot while we’re gone?”

“Please we both know that doesn’t happen. The game doesn’t advance unless the players are present, boring incidental stuff happens between sessions, right?”

“I always forget that one.” Seteria said hanging her head in shame.

Episode III
Battle for Wraithwall

After returning to Sardale, the party split up. Irthos Sjach and Arr began searching for a cache of magical weaponry they had convinced themselves that the church of Pelor possessed. Vella Del A’Mon tried scrying on Seira Ravencrest but was surprised to find that her target appeared to be in two places at the same time. One was the cathedral in town, the other was a large snowy crater that looked suspiciously like the one that mystery construct had made when it rose out of the ground. Elerrawin returned to the town cathedral and reported to her superiors. Meanwhile the rest of the party headed for the Inn which was doing much better now with several nearby towns having been scavenged for supplies.

Arr discovered that there was another of those strange black metal rooms located deep below Sardale and informed Irthos. The two of them wen to track down their new companion Sena in hopes that her magical sword, Luminous Night, could be used to unlock this new room. Sena was willing to give it a try so she followed Irthos and Arr out of town to the tunnel entrance which Arr had found that led to the room. When they reached the mysterious metal door Sena tapped it with her blade and it unlocked. Inside the room the three were disappointed to find another empty box like the one in the room under Terovale. The box had clearly contained a blade like Sena’s but it had been taken. The trio returned to Sardale feeling slightly depressed.

Elerrawin’s report to her superiors was well recieved. Cyrus Velta had suspected the Rainsworth family might’ve had something to do with the undead invasion and Elerrawin confirmed his suspicions. A short strategy meeting followed and it was decided that the church’s next target would be the Wraithwall Sluices, a massive water regulation structure in the center of Weissland currently under control of the death knight Mordred Grimsby, a high ranking general in the Rainsworth’s private militia in life and apparently in death as well. The goal was to kill Mordred and use the Sluices as a base to venture into the lands controlled by the Rainsworth family.

The party reconvened at the cathedral where Cyrus and Elerrawin explained the plan. Once preparations were complete, the party set out with the small army that had been gathered for the attack. Their trip to Wraithwall was plagued with scouts being killed by what were described as undead horsemen, but they eventually made it to the shore of the massive lake surrounding the sluices around nightfall. The group wisely decided to set up camp for the night and attack the complex during the day when the undead would be the weakest. They also discussed how they would cross the lake to reach the structure.

A long night followed and the camp was stalked by the strange undead horsemen that had dogged the party on their trip, however night passed without combat. The following day was when the battle took place. Vella used her magic to summon a giant whale in the lake which the party boarded. The clerics and paladins followed on foot using waterwalk spells. The undead occupying the sluices didn’t stand by while they were bing invaded. The horsemen appeared on the surface of the lake running parallell with the party and exchanging magical attacks with them. The sluices also had siege weaponry available and attacked the party with them while various types of intelligent undead streamed out. The sky darkned as some great magic took hold and the undead were able to exist during the day.

Though the battle was perilous, the party was able to board the sluice complex and fight their way to the main structure. There, they found a detailed battle plan that appeared to have been made with a large amount of advanced knowledge concerning the resources and movements of the church and even a party. Everyone who saw it now believed that there was a spy in their midst. Putting that aside, the party confronted and defeated Mordred in an incredible battle. As Mordred died, the structure they were in collapsed into itself. When the party regained consciousness after the fall, they found themselves in a massive room made of that mysterious black metal and were before a massive door….

Episode II
The Truth Behind the Tragedy

Our intrepid party had made it back to Sardale after their adventures in Clearbrook. The party split up to take care of the business they had in town. Artin “Hill Toppler” Ungart, Zaradin, and Irthos Sjach headed for the inn. Elerrawin went to the church to make her report on the incidents in Clearbrook and the report was much welcomed by her superiors. Vella Del A’Mon opted to try scrying on the mysterious figure in the white cloak she had seen before.

Vellla was in for a surprise. The white cloaked person was still in a snowy landscape, but her hood was down and Vella observed that she was a woman in her early twenties, had long black hair, was somewhat pale, and was very pretty. The stranger had a large blade drawn and was in a fighting stance. Her opponent was none other than Seira Ravencrest. The two ladies began to fight as Vella watched. Their battle was very impressive. Both were very skilled sword fighters and talented spell casters. They traded hits and cast powerful magics at each other. The only damage that seemed to be done was to the environment as their blades locked, shockwaves of force threw snow into the air and demolished several trees. The spells which failed to catch either of the combatants further devastated the surrounding area. However, it was clear the Seira had the advantage. She seemed to be tireless while the stranger was being worn down. The stranger was aware of this and summoned a large dragon. She leapt onto the dragon and retreated into the sky on its back. At first it seemed to Vella that the stranger had gotten away, but then something collided with the dragon and the scrying spell was lost.

Elerrawin delivered her report to Cyrus Velta who gave her her next mission. Mathos Ravencrest’s expedition to Terovale had been authorized, and Elerrawin was to take her party with him to determine the source of the undead. The party was gathered and they set off for Terovale.

Random Event #3: Spleeg and Glubnar
The party was almost at the midpoint of their journey when they happened upon a very bizarre sight. A stone golem was backing into a nearby tree and there was a small goblin shouting at it while a half orc that seemed to be the goblin’s bodyguard stood around looking confused. After offering some common sense advice, Vella made one too many snarky comments and upset the goblin. He sent his now working golem after her. Fortunately Vella was reasonably quick on her feet and summoned an earth elemental which blocked the stone golem’s charge and table flipped it. The goblin realized he was outmatched and ran off with his half orc bodyguard in tow while shouting back that the party would pay for this. The golem was searched by the party and promptly exploded.

Eventually the party made it to Terovale. The fortress city was in ruins and they set about exploring it. Irthos sent his shadow, Arr, to scout around while the rest of the party picked through the wreckage. Arr encountered a mysterious man in the fortress at the center of Terovale. The man seemed to know exactly what Arr was as soon as he saw it and spoke to Arr as if he were speaking to Irthos. He requested Irthos and his friends’ presence. With no small amount of apprehension the party made their way to where Arr had seen this strange gentleman. For a gentleman he was. He wore a very sharp suit with a top hat and carried a cane with the top shaped like a wolf’s head and made of silver. he introduced himself as Byron Whitefange, a servant of the Rainsworth family, specifically Cecilia Rainsworth.

Byron explained that he was searching for an item that Cecilia belived she had lost in Terovale when she fled the city in the madness surrounding the undead attack. A reward was offered to the party if they happened to find it and return it to him. After the party left the foretress, Mathos told the party he didn’t trust Byron and Cecilia. There had been rumours going around before the undead attacked that the Rainsworths had dabbled in dark magics and that Cecilia had killed her own parents and was a terrifying individual anyway. There was even a rumour that Byron wasn’t the human he appeared to be.

Regardless, the party continued exploring the ruined city. They discovered a large hole in the floor of one of the barracks and followed it into the catacombs below the city. In the catacombs they did battle with a necromancer and his two flesh golem minions. After destroying the evildoers, the party began to search the catacombs for anything that could explain why the undead had swarmed out of the city rather than into it or perhaps to find the mysterious ring that Byron was looking for. It was Irthos, with the assistance of Arr, who made discoveries. He found a deceased knight off in one side passage. Irthos discovered several very important items on the knight’s corpse. The first was they very ring that everyone seemed to want and the second was a note that had been hastily written as the knight was dying. The note revealed that Byron was a werewolf and his mistress was a vampire and that they sought the ring in hopes of finding anyone with Valionis blood in their veins and killing them. Cecilia had slain the other royal families and let the undead into Terovale through the very catacombs where the part now stood. The Tragedy of Terovale had been solved.

The party also discovered a strange locked room that not even Arr could pass into. They eventually found a hidden switch that gave them access. The room was like nothing they’d ever seen before, the walls were made of black metal and in the center there was a small case on a pedestal that was open. The case was empty but it looked like it had contained a sword at some point. Despite the strangeness of the room, the party was unable to find anything helpful in it and headed back up to the surface.

They immediately encountered Byron who demanded the ring that Irthos had found, claiming he had been scrying on Irthos and Arr the entire time. The rest of the party didn’t know what he was talking about since Irthos hadn’t let anyone know that he found the ring. Losing his patience, Irthos cast a green necrotic flare into the air and disappeared saying he would pick the ring from their corpses later. The party could tell what was happening, the flare would attract all of the feral undead for miles and draw them to the city. Thinking fast, the party headed back into the catacombs and dug in, hoping to survive the onslaught.

They did a pretty good job. Vella had trapped the entrances to the catacombs and Arten dealt with any zombies that got past the traps. Eventually the entrances had becom so clogged by the corpses of the undead that no further zombies could get through. The party ended up waiting around for awhile wondering what to do when someone approached them from a side passage that didn’t have an entrance to the catacombs as far as they knew.

Vella recognized the stranger as the white cloaked swordwoman she had been scrying on. The stranger told them to follow her as she knew of a way out that would bypass the undead. With no better option, the party followed her as she led them to the strange black metal room and used her blade to unlock a hidden door that led into a tunnel. The tunnel was long and the stranger answered some of the party’s questions as they walked.

She introduced herself as Sena, and her tiny dragon companion that perched on her shoulder was Lumios. Sena said she had seen the necrotic flares going up in Terovale and decided to use this hidden passage she had discovered while exploring to see what was the matter. Irthos asked her how she was able to get into the black metal room and she explained that she had first found it via the secret passage they were currently in and the entrance to room had been open. She had found her magic blade in that room and believed it to be left behind by some kind of advanced precursor society.

The party finally exited the passage into the snowy fields in the Snowrain Mountains. They set up camp with Sena and were surprised to discover that some of their number weren’t prepared to camp on the road. After the party had set up around a cozy campfire, they spent the rest of the night talking with Sena who explained that Seira Ravencrest was trying to kill her and she didn’t know why. (She didn’t even know Seira’s name until Vella told her) Mathos didn’t believe her and said there was no way his sister would attack someone at random and he became suspicious of the party’s new friend.

Irthos had been on sentry duty since he didn’t much care for the conversation and he noticed something very strange a short distance across the snowfield. There was a tree that conspicuously stood alone in a clearing and was moving despite the lack of wind. This strange tree quickly became the topic of discussion and eventually Vella grew tired of waiting for a decision on what to do with it. So, she cast a firebrand spell at it.

The “tree” uprooted and revealed the massive white and blue construct that it was camouflaging. The party tried to do battle with this mysterious enemy, but it proved to be nearly invincible. Its very presence distorted reality around it, rendering the environment into some sort of hex based grid. It fired a massive beam attack and the party members in the path were just barely able to dodge it. Thankfully the beam seemed to take a lot out of the construct and it began to shut down. Its reality distorting field collapsed on itself and the construct disappeared.

The party decided that they were no longer safe and headed for Sardale with their new companions in tow, hoping that the knowledge they learned in Terovale and on the snowfields would be of use to the church.

The mystery behind the tragedy of Terovale had been solved but several new mysteries had been discovered. Who was Sena? What was that construct out on the snowfield? Why was Cecilia using undead to take over Weissland? Find out next time on Scarlet Dawn.

Urgent Letter to High Priest Tal'dur
Read immedietly upon arrival

Angelic script

High Priest

Concerning Vella Del A’Mon I feel her time away from the sanctuary is affecting her. Her condition was remarkable on our initial voyage and had remained so as we reentered society, I was considering letting her go on her own. However, we had an encounter in a haunted house in a small hamlet known as Terovale. Shortly after arriving we were attacked by spirits and we discovered a dark ritual in the basement. I fear Vella was exposed to an entity there. While she appears stable most of the times there are few occasions that her mental faculties show signs of deterioration. I do not know if this is in part to her natural arcane ability’s manifesting or if it has to do with this creature. I shall continue to monitor her and do what i can to ensure her well being.

In my opinion this entity should be hunted down as soon as possible to guarantee it does not affect her anymore.

However I am intrigued with her sometimes. Not just the other day she used deception to gain additional information out of an enemy we would not have otherwise learned. Also her ability’s to reason and investigate seem to be strong, and I believe that the destruction of this entity would enable her to regain all her mental functions.

This should find its way to you as soon as is able, and i will continue to write

In service of St. Cuthbert


*incomprehensible scrawl*
I guess this is journal 2?

Hey look another piece of paper, I suppose this is good enough to write on. And to keep things from the rest of the group.

also why did I just write that when i coulda just said it……… oh well

Anywho Ar’Vanduriel says this is good coping for me, writing in these journals, but i don’t know if they are helping at all… i keep getting these strange thoughts and visions

furious scribbling no no i have to keep it controlled around everyone else

Ok so like i guess ill just start writing. ummm so alot has happened

i think we were going… somewhere? its kinda patchy but i remember we went to this large city and it was deserted, then zombies attacked us… crossed out words no no! I remember now we met this strange man who was the first nice person to us in like the whole country. anyways he wanted our help in finding this ring for his mistress.

so we looked around and we found this hole in the ground. and down there there were these creature things. I tried my magic but… i wasn’t strong enough. so i just summoned my minions and waited for them to clear away everything. I guess Ar’Vanduriel was enjoying herself fighting or something. I didn’t pay much attention. Though I do think I saw the creature again… the one from the haunted house that we went to.

Anyways we walk around the lower sewer area for a lil while longer and we didnt find the ring. but we did find a note mentioning some folk ive never heard of and the kind man being a warewolf……

in the margins I wonder what it would be like to be a warewolf. Maybe he could make me a warewolf too! This requires further thought

back on the main page

Anyways when we went back to the warewolf man he got real mad at us for whatever reason and then there were zombies attacking. I got dragged down into the hole we just climbed out of

in margins seriously people we coulda just stayed down there!

main page

Vanduriel did snap me back into the present and we talked about how best to stay alive. with her help we made what i like to call a blender! definitely going to have to see if i can make portable versions later. It worked wonderfully and I had a very nice time talking with Elerrawin and we braided each others hair. It was nice.

And suddenly hypertext(seriously it was like a plot device or something ) this woman who i was scrying shows up in the sewer and whisks us away to the mountains.
Like what??? who does that?

Now we are sitting around a campfire like lifes great and no one would share a blanket with me, and then theres this tree that everyones bitching about. So getting fed up with everything i tryed to blow it up cuz i was mad. But noooooooooooooooo it had to be some lost artifact or something and it almost vaporized the others. serves em right for just standing there.

any who i guess we survived and stuff. so we went back to the town that we came from and reported and all that boring stuff. However i did notice a similar energy source coming from the gravekeepers hut. Now ive seen some outlandish energys but this one is unlike any ive ever encountered. I think its fallowing me. Its……….

so i tryed to tell everyone but they just kinda brushed it aside and I had to investigate it myself. Fine I will, did…..whatever

The old man who i guess was the things keeper was useless but at least i was able to test this thing. I think its some sort of piece of this creature i saw… It was clearly “dead” but i bet if i had had more time to test it i coulda gotten a reaction from it an a living being. I really think theres more going on here then what the others think. something dark and old

i think its watching me now…….

Van… im scared

more scribbles

For the lazy people (and for quick reference I guess)

This post will constantly update with short collections of facts concerning the current storylines. If you forget something or just don’t want to read the narrative, this post is for you.

Current Storylines:
The Undead:
Weissland has been overrun with undead. What do they want? Cecilia Rainsworth is the leader of the undead. She tricked the other two royal houses of Weissland into meeting with her in Terovale. With the assistance of her servants, including her butler Byron Whitefange, she killed the leaders of the other houses and loosed her undead army upon the city. The party met Byron in Terovale after the fact. Byron claimed to be searching for a ring Cecilia had lost that had sentimental value to her. The party found a note on one of the corpses of a member of the Valionis family. The note told them that Byron was lying through his teeth. He was a werewolf, Cecilia was a vampire, and the undead served house Rainsworth. The party found the ring which would glow in the presence of a Valionis heir. Byron then tried to kill them when he discovered that the game was up. The church of Pelor is gearing up to wage a war against the undead and to kill Cecilia. Their first target is the Wraithwall Sluices.

Sena, Seira, Mathos, and Lost Technology:
Seira is attempting to kill Sena. Sena Doesn’t know why. Mathos doesn’t believe that Seira is trying to kill Sena at random and mistrusts Sena. Sena possesses a magic sword which she calls Luminous Night that is a piece of Lost Technology. Sena believes that the reason Siera is after her is because of the sword, since Seira has her own Lost Technology sword. Sena and the party were attacked by some sort of incredibly powerful giant construct in the mountains. The construct appeared to be similar to both of the swords and it can be safely assumed that it is also Lost Technology.

The Fourth Family:
Vella Del A’Mon discovered a mysterious ritual in the cellar of a haunted house in the town of Clearbrook. The ritual didn’t appear to relate to the undead in any way. Vella began to see the face of a monstrous creature every so often in pools of water and out of the corner of her eyes. She found an aura similar to the rituals in Sardale. It was within the home of the Sardale gravekeeper, Sven Yorgen. She discovered that it was coming from a slug in a jar. Sven explained that the slug had crawled out of the neck of one of the corpses he was going to bury. He had kept it in hopes that someone like Vella would eventually be able to tell him what it is.

Episode I
Spook House

Our story begins with a small merchant caravan pulling into the town of Sardale in the southwestern region of Weissland. After a cleric assured the town guards that none of the caravan members were undead, they were allowed into town. Vella Del A’Mon, a sorceress, had hitched a ride on the caravan and when it arrived in Sardale she exited the cart and immediately made her way to the nearest inn in search of a drink. One of the caravan’s mercenary guards, Artin “Hill Toppler” Ungart, and a mysterious wanderer, Zaradin, followed after her. This left the final traveler on the caravan, a warforged named Irthos Sjach, with the merchants from the caravan.

Irthos overheard the merchants speaking with a cleric from the local church. The cleric told them that they wouldn’t be able to leave Weissland due to a mysterious magical barrier that had formed around Weissland at almost the same time that the undead had appeared. This was a problem for Irthos. He had been sent by House Cannith to investigate the disappearances of caravans and travelers that had entered Weissland. He had discovered the sources of the disappearances but one of those sources, the Weissland Barrier, now prevented him from reporting his findings to the house. The cleric finally noticed him, and after a brief explanation of how the church had discovered the barrier and what Irthos was doing in Sardale, the cleric directed Irthos to the town church where he might be able to offer his assistance in taking down the undead and the barrier.

Vela had made her way down main street to the inn. She briefly paused as a mysterious figure wearing a long white cloak exited the inn and made their way down the street away from her. Vela decided to ignore this strange person and entered the inn to order a drink. After a few drinks she got bored and left the inn. Outside she was accosted by a strange woman named Seira Ravencrest. Seira asked Vela if she had seen anyone wearing a long white cloak. After some hesitation and eventually a monetary reward, Vela revealed that she had in fact seen this mystery person that Seira was searching for. Seira entered the inn and questioned the innkeeper while Seira, Artin, and Zaradin eavesdropped. Seira didn’t seem to learn anything more and so she left. Vela decided to scry on the mysterious stranger in the white cloak that Seira had questioned her about. Her scrying was successful and she was able to see the stranger. They were walking uphill through a snow storm in a mountainous region, but beyond that, Vela could glean nothing.

The inn was pretty dead for midday. Only one passed out drunk man was there besides the three newcomers and while they were able to order a few drinks the bartender cut them off after only a few citing the towns rationing policy. Vela and Artin found this unacceptable and they set out for the church to help get rid of the undead as fast as possible so they could get back to consuming as much alcohol as they could handle.

Meanwhile, at the church, Irthos had met with Cyrus Velta, the paladin in charge. Cyrus had been discussing plans with Mathos Ravencrest, Elerrawin, Xavier van Strom, and Seira. Mathos had been wanting to lead a small expedition to the city of Terovale. Terovale was were Mathos had lived for most of his life and it was also where the first large undead attack took place. Mathos believed that this was not just another isolated outbreak of undead. He thought that there was someone pulling the strings and that they might’ve left some clue to their identity in Terovale.

Cyrus stated that while the expedition would likely shed some light on the situation, he could not allow Mathos to take any of the church soldiers since there were so few remaining and they had their hands full defending the town and supplementing the limited food supply with conjured nourishment. Cyrus went on to say that if they could retake the small farming town of Clearbrook, he could possibly allow an expedition to Terrovale, since their food problem would be less severe with the supplies and farmland from Clearbrook.

Irthos had offered his scouting services to the church and Cyrus selected Elerrawin to join him on the mission to Clearbrook. Cyrus told them that there was supposedly only a small group of ghouls staking out the town and that if they were removed; Cyrus could send in some of the townsfolk to fortify the town. Irthos and Elerrawin started to head out.

At this time Vela and Artin burst into the church. Each of them proclaimed that they would end this undead nightmare in the interest of being able to drink themselves into a stupor. After much facepalming and a small interview, the adventuring party had its new members. (Zaradin also joined, but he didn’t say anything… as you might expect). Ellerawin’s evaluation of the new party members was that they were slightly better than nothing. (except for Irthos, she thought he was pretty cool) Vela also took the time to ask Seira if there were any snowy mountainous regions in Weissland and Seira pointed out two such places that were relatively nearby. Vela said she hailed from a wintery region and was feeling nostalgice when Seira asked why she wanted to know, careful not to let on the true reason behind her query. Now that the party was completely assembled, they set out for Clearbrook.

Random Event #1 The Strange Musician
The party made good time on the road. They didn’t encounter any undead as they were travelling along. Irthos was scouting ahead while the rest of the party bantered back and forth. However, about halfway through their journey, Irthos heard something strange. It was music. While Irthos did not care much for music, he understood that it was strange for someone to be playing music in this forsaken land. He cautiously made his way towards the source of the music. He found the source in a small clearing. There was a young woman strumming on a guitar and humming to herself. Now knowing what to make of this strange individual, Irthos made his way back to the party and reported his findings. The party decided to confront the musician and made their way to the clearing. Upon arriving the musician seemed happy to see them.

She introduced herself as Sylestra. Sylestra claimed that she was a very popular musician and she was travelling in Weissland while her manager was busy dealing with other clients. She said that she had never played a show in Weissland and thought she might be able to add to her fanbase. (She was somewhat disappointed that only Vela had ever heard of her) Sylestra played a song for the party in an effort to win them over as fans and was mostly successful. The party was still somewhat wary of her since it seemed as though she was travelling alone and she claimed to have been in Weissland for nearly a week. Sylestra explained that she wasn’t aware that there was a problem with the undead in the country and that she hadn’t encountered any.

Elerrawin told Sylestra that Sardale had survived the undead and gave her directions to the town. After some conversations concerning other musicians, gnomes, and a potentially evil manager, Sylestra thanked the party for their directions and asked them to attend one of her shows at a better venue.

Random Event #2 The Overturned Carriage
The party had nearly reached Clearbrook when they happened upon an unfortunate sight. A small carriage was laying overturned in the forest. The party (being the party) looted the carriage. They found a small number of magical weapons and some strange footprints surrounding the carriage. Ellerawin was able to determine that the carriage had been chased by 3 horsemen and was eventually overtaken. She found the tracks from one of the riders’ steeds very strange. They were like some bizarre combination of hoof and claw. It appeared as though the riders had headed off in the direction of Terovale after attacking the cart. Elerrawin shared her findings with the party and they filed them away in the back of their minds as they left the site. They were curious about these mysterious riders to be sure, but they already had a mission.

Upon arriving at Clearbrook, the party was surprised to find actual living beings instead of the ghouls they had been warned about. The party nervously approached the town and were met by an elf who introduced himself as Elnor Farstride, captain of the Weissland Rangers. He told the party that he had been gathering the rangers together after the undead invasion and had brought them to Clearbrook with the intent of setting up a base. Irthos asked him if he had dealt with the ghouls inhabiting the town and Elnor said the rangers hadn’t found any, much to their surprise. Elnor said the party was welcome to spend the night in town and return to Sardale in the morning with the news. Since it was getting dark, the party took him up on the offer.

The party members each found lodging in the mostly empty town that suited them and went about their evening rituals. The relative tranquility was shattered by a knock on Xavier’s door. It was Elnor and he seemed very upset. He explained that one of his men was suffering from some kind of manic episode and he was hoping that Xavier, as a cleric of Pelor, could help. Xavier woke up Elerrawin, who had been sharing one of the houses with him, and they headed for the center of town. The two were joined by Irthos in the center of town where they found the unfortunate man. He was babbling uncontrollably. something about another ranger named Jennings and a mysterious house off in the direction he kept pointing. Xavier was able to remove the magical affliction the ranger was suffering from while Elnor tried to explain that their was no house where he had been pointing. However, as he looked again, Elnor and the party members suffered from a sudden dizziness. After the dizziness passed, they were shocked to discover a house that hadn’t been there before. The now lucid ranger said one of the other guards was still in there.

Xavier went to get the rest of the party as Ellerawin, Irthos and Vela investigatedthe outside this mysterious, spooky house. After the party had assembled, Artin kicked in the door of the spook house. The house appeared to be abandoned and was in a considerable state of disrepair. Artin immediately began opening doors and exploring rooms and while most of the rooms on the first floor were empty, Artin was nearly cut in half as a bloody axe fell out of a closet she had opened. Nothing but the bloody axe was found on the first floor but the party heard a strange laugh from the second floor.

The party made their way upstairs and found a few more rooms, one of which was a bedroom that looked eerily intact. Artin once again took the lead in opening the doors, but in the next room over from the bedroom, she found a terrifying site. The guard they were looking for was laying face down in the room with a massive bloody wound on his back. There was no doubt that he was dead. As Artin searched the room, she was attacked by a cackling spectre.

Encounter: Spectre

After fighting off the undead, the party regrouped and Vela and Irthos went to check out the cellar of the mysterious spook house while the rest of the party went to tell Elnor what they had found. In the cellar, Vela discovered some sort of arcane ritual set up. Three crystal balls were mounted on stands in three corners of the room and in the center there was a strange stone gyroscope with glowing green runes on it spinning about. On the far wall was an altar with a massive runic circle above it with a big number 4 written in the center with blood. The floor of the cellar was filled with about three inches of water and there were dozens of dismembered limbs, some of which appeared to be from the ghouls that were supposed to be staked out in the town. Vela was able to dismantle the ritual by taking one of the crystal balls and she also picked up a mysterious book off of the altar. Satisfied that there was nothing more to be found here, she turned to leave. However, she thought she had seen something out of the corner of her eye and she turned back around. She was startled to see a nightmarish inhuman face with three glowing red eyes and maw full of razor sharp teeth staring back at her out of the water. The face quickly vanished leaving Vela unsure of whether she had actually seen something or if her mind was playing tricks on her. Elnor spoke with Vela after she left the cellar and they decided it would be best if the spook house was destroyed. Vela happily obliged and set the house ablaze. Just for a moment, Vela thought she saw the monstrous face again outlined in the smoke from the fire.

The next morning, the party left Clearbrook and headed for Sardale. Elnor had asked them to check in on a friend of his. Another ranger named Dalton Mcdonald. The party did not encounter anything unusual on their trip to Dalton’s Farm. Dalton was pleased to hear that his friend Elnor and the rest of the rangers had weathered the undead onslaught and he said he would go meet up with them at Clearbrook. The party continued their journey, glad that they had recruited another ally to their cause. (and very glad Dalton hadn’t sicced his monstrous dire goat, Ugno, on them)

The Party was able to reach Sardale again around midday.

Tune in next time to see if any of the mysteries will be solved or if Vela and Artin will ever get their alcohol.


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